Ultimate Cell
Large Engine

More efficient engines, less environmental impact.

The Ultimate Cell – Large Engine (UCLE) is pioneering technical system, installed in machinery, engineering equipment, industrial transport, and large power generators. Delivering fuel consumption reductions of over 5% and reductions in harmful gas emission by up to 80%. The investment in the Ultimate Cell system as an improvement to the commercial fleet or machinery is an economically rewarding decision.


Version: UCLE300 / UCLE600

Application: High Displacement Internal Combustion Engines.

Electrolyte: Water based alkaline solution.

Electrolyte Capacity: 10 L for each container – Rechargeable

Electrolyte Autonomy: Up to 6,000 hours.

Power Supply: 12/24/48V DC / 110/230V AC.

Power Consumption: 100W per container.

HHO Production Rate: Up to 12 L/h per container.

Dimensions: 760mm x 340mm x 380mm.

Control Module: 440mm x 200mm x 530mm

Installation and Refill

The Ultimate Cell is equipment that ensures continuous operation for up to 50,000 km for road transport and 1500 hours for machinery applications – Rechargeable. However, for safety reasons, it must be installed and recharged by professionals duly certified by the brand.

Ultimate Cell is patented, protected, and recognized under the Patent Cooperation Treaty and the World Intellectual Property Organization.


Ultimate Cell technology passed with distinction in rigorous quality, performance and safety tests, both nationally and internationally, with certification issued by the following entities:


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