Ultimate Cell
Continuous Combustion

Increased Efficiency / Lower Environmental Impact

For continuous combustion equipment, the basic principle of the technology is the same: induction of small amounts of hydrogen that will optimize the burning of traditional fuels, making the process more energy efficient, with reduced fuel consumption for the thermal energy produced, and with less environmental impact, from a substantial reduction in polluting emissions.

This type of device allows significant gains: both financiall, with reduced periods of return on investment, and at the environmental level, with the reduction of fossil fuel consumption, reduction of polluting emissions, but also by the possibility of greater use of alternative fuels, as industrial waste and by-products.

The UCCC is equipped with a smart system designed to automatically regulate the production and adjust the quantities according to the machine’s real-time fuel consumption.


Dimensions: 20 ft x 20 ft

Climatized container with integrated cooling system.

Internal water purification and electrolyte production system.

Fully integrated automatic gas treatment and transportation system.

Internal safety systems.

Fire rated smoke dampers.

Hydrogen gas censors.

ATEX fans.

Remote monitoring control module.

Human machine interphase panel (On-site maintenance and troubleshooting).


UC3 (Ultimate Cell Continuous Combustion), results from the joint venture with Secil SA, for the optimization of large industrial continuous combustion equipment, with the creation of the company UTIS, holder of the patent for this technology aplication.

Using PEM technology (Proton Exchange Membrane), is able to produce hydrogen at higher pressures, which allows the use in boilers, incinerators and larger-scale furnaces.

Ultimate Cell is patented, protected, and recognized under the Patent Cooperation Treaty and the World Intellectual Property Organization.


Ultimate Cell technology passed with distinction in rigorous quality, performance and safety tests, both nationally and internationally, with certification issued by the following entities:


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